Pedram Pourmand in the Media

Pedram Pourmand


Below are several media articles and interviews that I was featured in. Enjoy.

Click on the YouTube link above to listen to a radio interview I gave on KPFK discussing renewable energy options for Catalina Island.


Here is an article from the Daily Bruin. It covers an event that we hosted at UCLA. It was called the Bruin Consulting Case Competition. It was designed to give undergraduate students an opportunity to apply their knowledge to a real world business problem. I worked on a team to create, organize and judge the 
competition. Click here to read the Daily Bruin article.

Here is a fun article from the LA Times that I was featured in for back to school fashion. There are two parts (PDF files)

This is another LA Times piece with a list of my high school valedictorians. Click here to see the list.